Industry Panel
Chair: James Bennet (Royal Holloway University)

Hilary Perkins (Digital Executive Producer) 'TV isn't just on the TV Anymore'
James Walker (Journalist) 'The Space: Public Art and Public Service Media
Colin Ward (Children's Media Foundation) 'Children's Television and Public Service Broadcasting'

Public Service Broadcasting and the Online Sphere (Sponsored by ECREA)
Chair: Sue Thornham (University of Sussex)

Tanya Kant (University of Sussex) 'Giving the Viewer a Voice? Problematising personalised media on commercial social networks'
Pernilla Serverson (Malmo University) 'Public service media engaging in fan-based social networking practices'
Elke Weissman (Edge Hill University) 'Impartiality in the Online World: The BBC News Website, User Comments and the Rule of Impartiality'

National Cultures and Public Service Broadcasting
Chair: Martin Zeller-Jacques (Queen Margaret University)

Philip Ramsey (University of Nottingham, Ningbo) 'Understanding BBC Radio in Northern Ireland: public service broadcasting in a divided society'
Emma Heywood (University of Manchester) 'Informing, Educating or Manipulating?' Russian, French and UK Coverage of the Middle East'

Public Service Broadcasting and New Technologies
Chair: Hannah Andrews (University of York)

Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam) 'Cookie Walls in the Public Marketplace of Ideas'
Sam Ward (University of Nottingham) ' Beyond Due Prominence: The positioning of public service broadcasters in electronic programme guides'